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Important Notice: A New Event Will be Taking Place Saturday May 11th, 2024


Florida Intercoastal Reprocessing Educators

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F.I.R.E. Services

F.I.R.E. is an organization committed to elevating a Central Sterile Processing department's ability to perform efficiently and at the highest level possible through education. By awarding attendees with HSPA or CBSPD educational credits, we hope to empower central sterile personnel to utilize the education to effectively navigate the rapidly changing medical industry. Connecting industry leading vendors with attendees will further increase the capabilities and potential for Central Sterile Processing departments.

Industry Experts

We aim to educate attendees with some of the most influential subject matter experts in the industry. These experts provide critical information in a comprehensible manner that will enable attendees to implement the information into their everyday life. 

New and Innovative Procedures

Procedures are always being updated and changed to ensure that the department is effective and efficient. By teaching attendees these new procedures, their department, and ultimately their facility, will be able to benefit immensely.

Knowing & Following the Rules

The rules and regulations for central sterile processing are constantly changing and being improved. In order to keep attendees operating within regulations, we provide constant updates as to what rules and regulations have changed.

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